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Om Waters floating yoga and meditation retreat

Welcome to Om Waters

A place to slow down, quiet the mind and find simple joy. Come, connect with nature, and immerse yourself in Mother Earth’s soothing embrace. Om Waters Floating Retreat Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand provides a dedicated space will a full Yoga Shala. Full-service catering and accommodation for those wanting to bring groups. We can host activities such as yoga retreats, yoga training and courses, meditation retreats, dance, massage training retreats and massage courses, healing workshops, and any other workshop or retreat you can think of. We are also able to host kayaking and kayak adventures, company trainings, personal development training, business retreats and more. We are open to various uses of the space and can help facilitate the event you have in mind in an idyllic setting on Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Lake by Mae Ngat Dam in the North of Thailand. Our floating retreat centre can accommodate up to 22 people and provides large gathering and event facilitation spaces for use during your stay. 

Our season currently runs from the beginning of November to the end of February each year.



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Each August we release our unbooked dates on AirBNB for individual bookings. You will share the space as a floating homestay with other AirBNB bookers, but what better way to make friends!
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Om Waters Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center Thailand

An Unforgettable Experience


Om Waters is a communal space available for yoga retreats, meditation retreats or for other retreats or group work. The space is designed to encourage the free flow and sharing of knowledge and ideas. Om Waters consists of five floating houseboats providing everything you need to enjoy your stay with us.

This includes a yoga shala for meditation, yoga, massage and workshops of any type; a main houseboat for sleeping, eating and lounging; full bathroom with flush toilets, sinks and outdoor showers; and two additional houseboats for staff and owner quarters, or more elegant retreat leader accommodations. Each platform is connected by a floating bridge with smaller platforms around for additional space. We are 100% solar-powered and completely off-grid.

We also provide you with yoga mats, massage mats, kayaks, a sound system, a projector, guitar, drums and charging stations so that you can easily keep your group occupied throughout your stay. Plan yoga sessions, massages, kayak adventures, jam sessions, dance parties and movie nights easily. The options are endless!

Additional amenities may be added as we continue to evolve and grow! Do you need something else? Just ask and we can try to source it for you! We are here to give you and your group an amazing experience!

Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala at Om Waters Thailand is our centerpiece and is guaranteed to be the most memorable part of your stay!

It provides 120 sq meters of flat space which easily accommodates up to 22 people for yoga, meditation, dance, massage, workshops or just plain lounging. As you ride up in your long-tail boat to be dropped off on the Shala you will no doubt be in awe of its majesty and understand why Om Waters Thailand is a special place.

The Yoga Shala is well-lit and can be used in the evenings and early mornings for any desired activity. It is perhaps at these times that the Shala is most charming as you see it set against rising and setting suns or covered by star-filled skies.

We highly recommend turning off the lights for some star-gazing as well – light pollution on the lake is low and the skies are awe-inspiring!


Base Camp at Om Waters Thailand is considered the dining, accomodations and lounge area. The accommodation area has the capacity to hold up to 22 guests in simple yet elegant rooms – 12 guests on the lower platform and 10 on the upper platform. 10 rooms are designed to accommodate 2 guests each in their own single beds. Beds can be conjoined on request.

Two extra rooms are provided with only one bed each, usually reserved for retreat leaders and their assistants. Rooms are outfitted with bedside light, bedside table, linens, towels, a mosquito net and storage underneath the bed.

There is a large kitchen which is managed by Jacky and her staff from Cat House Chiang Mai. They will be happy to cater to whatever food requirements you have for your visit! Three meals a day are included in all bookings with catering provided by Cat House Chiang Mai.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free, they can make a meal just for your group. With their flare for creativity, meals tend to be Thai with an international twist of fusion. They will keep you full and they will keep you happy.​ In addition to catered meals, we provide fruit, snacks, coffee and tea during all hours of the day!

There are three lounge areas on Base Camp. One contains a couch and two long tables where you can all dine in a cozy, warm atmosphere with views of the shala, mountains and lake. The other two lounge areas are set neatly away from the action allowing people a place to retreat for reading, playing games, or perhaps just napping and conversing.


The washrooms at Om Waters Thailand are fully outfitted with three flush toilets, running water and three rain showers. One of the showers is heated for those cool, winter mornings in Northern Thailand and another likely being sacrificed to create a Thai sauna. Excited? We are. The washrooms have taken on quite a life with its artwork and design and have become the centerpiece of many photos!

Additional Space

Additional capacity may be sourced by request on staff and owner houseboats for more private accommodations, teacher quarters and/or private massage rooms. Added costs may apply. Please contact us for a quote


Three meals a day are included in all bookings with catering provided by Cat House Chiang Mai. All food is vegan and vegetarian and we can accomodate all special dietary needs. In addition, fruit, snacks, local coffee and tea are always available and can be self-served from the kitchen. Cat House food is fusion cuisine and it is as unique as its owner, Jacky. When asked why her food is so delicious, she explained, “It is because I cook with love. I cook everything like I am cooking for friends, for family. I think about how I care about their health, if they are happy, and my food turns out good.”

Jacky’s food is inspired by the cuisines of the world, including Thailand, and uses fresh, seasonal, local ingredients to create dishes with a high level of quality. We try to minimize the use of processed foods, preferring to make our own sauces, pastes, yogurts, breads, desserts and more. It takes more time, but you will taste the difference.

Our menu is constantly changing and will be adjusted to meet the needs of your group. We promise you will never get bored of our menu. We can also accommodate a full Thai food experience. If you want Jacky to make Thai food and teach you about each dish, just ask! She would be happy to accomodate!

Visit the Cat House Restaurant Website

Example menu for a day at Om Waters floating retreat


• Fresh Fruit Salad
• Gluten Free Pancakes
• Sesame Spread
• Oatmeal 
• Organic Coffee and Herbal Tea


• Papaya Salad
• Fresh Green Salad
• Pad Thai wrapped in Omelette 
• Seasonal Fruit


• Green Salad
• Pumpkin Curry
• Red Rice
• Stir fried Morninglory
• Mango Sticky Rice

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There are currently no trainings scheduled.

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Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self

- The Bhagavad Gita -


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    positive review  I co-hosted a retreat at OmWaters a few years ago and highly recommend it! It’s one of the most magical experiences; completely off grid, incredible team and organization, outstanding, fresh, healthy, delicious food and the setting is simply magical. Immerse deeply into nature, hop out of bed into the lake, stargaze, listen to nothing but birds and fish jumping in the water. The design is amazing and you can feel the tremendous amount of love and care that has gone into building this project consciously. Writing this and seeing how much Om Waters has grown makes me want to go back again! 5 star off grid nature immersed retreat centre ⭐️

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    December 2, 2019

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    February 25, 2020

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Q. What is included in the group pricing?
We provide a simple package which includes the cost of both food and accommodation. We have a minimum requirement of 8 people and 2 nights booking. Additional costs to you include transportation to the park, park pass and boat transport.
Q. Do you help to organize transportation?
A. Absolutely! We can organize pickup and delivery to the park. We will be in communication with you from the moment you arrive in Chiang Mai and ensure that you and your group have a seamless experience. It takes approximately one hour to arrive at the park from Chiang Mai, its then another 30 minutes by boat to Om Waters Thailand.
Q. What is the approximate cost of transportation to the park, park pass and boat transport?
A. Approximate costs of transportation and passes are included in the information package that will be provided to you. Don’t worry, they are all quite cost effective!
Q. Why don’t you include it in the package?
A. We don’t include this pricing because, without our own dedicated resources, we rely on local people and businesses. It’s easier for us to organize with you on your arrival and have you pay each taxi, park pass and boat driver individually as this is how they operate best!
Q. Do you have WIFI?
A.We do not have WIFI. We encourage you to use the space and time to perhaps, unplug for awhile. However, if you require occasional internet access, we suggest purchasing a sim card from the company, AIS. This is the only company whose towers we are capable of reaching, but even this is unreliable in its availability and limited in what it can provide.

Q. What is the cost of staying at Om Waters and are there minimum requirements?
A. Pricing can be requested by CLICKING HERE TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION and submitting a request with your contact information. We require a minimum stay of 2 nights and 8 people for full, dedicated access to the facilities. Smaller groups can be accommodated but will be charged the minimum 8 person fee.
Q. Are you only open for group retreats? Can I book as an individual?
A. Don’t have a group, but want to join one? No problem! CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR UPCOMING TRAININGS. 

Don’t want to join a group, but still want to come? No problem either! Each August we release our unbooked dates on AirBNB for individual bookings. You will share the space as a floating homestay with other AirBNB bookers, but what better way to make friends! Checkout our AirBNB listing ​HERE​!

Q. How do I get to Om Waters and do you help in organizing transport?
A. If you have booked a retreat with us, we will help to organize your group’s arrival at Om Waters Thailand. We will help organize Songteow pickup from your chosen pickup location to deliver you to the shore of the lake within about 60 minutes, at which point you will transfer to boats which take about 30 minutes to arrive at Om Waters Thailand. For the adventurous solo traveller, if not on motorbike, you can take the white Songteow from Chiang Mai to Mae Tang, then negotiate with the driver further driving you to the shore of the lake. White Songteows travel regularly all day, everyday back and forth to Mae Tang from Chang Phueak Bus Terminal. It’s easier than you think! Upon arriving at Si Lanna National Park, paying your park pass fee and approaching the shore, simply tell the people by the big boats that you want to go to Om Waters. They will hook you up!!
Q. What are the checkin and checkout times?
A. Checkin is usually around 2pm and checkout around 11am. This can be adjusted depending on Om Waters schedule and other commitments.
Q. Do you have emergency services available?
A. Staff are trained in general CPR and first aid and there is always a boat available should someone need to be escorted off the lake. Emergency numbers are posted on the information board and staff will always have a working phone. There is a local hospital just 10 minutes from the shore of the lake, and some of the best hospitals in the world available in Chiang Mai just one hour away.


Getting to Om Waters

Getting to Om waters floating retreat center from Chiang Mai is easy. The retreat center is located an easy one hour drive from central Chiang Mai. The retreat is accessed through the main entrance to Sri Lanna national park. The park has an entrance fee of 100 Baht per person. Just after the entrance on the right is the boat pier. Om Waters is a pleasant 20 minute boat ride from the main pier. We ask that you arrange transportation to Om Waters with the boatmen upon arrival. We don’t include the cost of the park administration fee or the boat transportation as part of the package. We also rely on the boatmen to serve our community. Your trip helps support a small but tight knit community of boatmen and their families.

If you need further help with directions please contact us and we will provide emergency phone numbers and additional details to help you arrive at the retreat center.

Contact Form

We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Self organized retreat bookings

For bookings please fill out the contact form we would be happy to discuss ideas for retreat. Generally we are open to ideas regarding use of the space whether it be for a yoga retreat, meditation classes or retreats, holistic retreats of any kind or anything else you can think of.

Individual bookings and currently planned retreats

We can also accommodate individual and small party bookings on a case by case basis. If you would like to join a previously planned even being held at Om Waters please contact us and we can put you in touch with the organizer of the retreat.